Indigenous uses of economically important flora of Margallah Hills National Park, Islamabad, Pakistan

  • A Jabeen
  • MA Khan
  • M Ahmad
  • M Zafar
  • F Ahmad
Keywords: Indigenous uses, flora, Margallah Hills National Park, Islamabad, Pakistan.


Informal interviews provided data about 245 useful plants of 77 families of 55 trees, 54 shrubs, 105 herbs, 15 climber, 10 grasses and 6 crops recorded from the Margallah Hills National Park, Islamabad.
Two hundred and fifteen local/ vernacular names were noted of total plants. The inhabitants of the park have for a long time been dependent on surrounding plant resources for their food, health care, fodder,
fuel wood and other cultural purposes. A list of plant species along with their local name, plant part/s used, popular uses (or troubles treated) are given. The pastoral nomads of the area make use of 159
(64.89%) as native medicine, 79 (32.24%) as fodder for their livestock, 47(19.18%) as fuelwood, 33 (13.46%) as food (fruits), 18 (7.34%) as vegetables, 14 (5.71%) as timber, 6 (2.44%) as industrial, 4 (1.63%) as tannin, 3 (1.22%) as gum and 2 (0.81%) as fiber. Medicinal uses of the 126 plant species have also been described. This information will serve as reference for the benefit of pharmacists, researchers, Hakims (herbalist), veterinarians and public at large.

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eISSN: 1684-5315