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Drying characteristics and engineering properties of fermented ground cassava

JT Nwabanne


The effect of variety on the drying and engineering properties of fermented ground cassava was studied in order to generate data for design and optimum performance of various dryers used in cassava processing. This research attempts to provide data on the engineering properties such as
moisture content, specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and bulk density. One native cultivar and two high yield improved cultivars (TMS 30572 and NR 8082) were used for this study. The specific heat capacity obtained ranged from 1.40 to 1.45 KJ/Kg K and for bone dry
fermented ground cassava. The average thermal conductivity obtained was 0.24 W/MK. The bulk density, specific heat capacity, and thermal conductivity increased with increase in moisture content while thermal diffusivity decreased as moisture content increased.