Drying schedules calculation of Camiyani Black Pine (Pinus nigra Arn. subsp. pallasiana var. pallasiana) by computer programming

  • A Aytekin
  • G Gündüz
  • B Kaygin
  • S Korkut
  • SM Onat
Keywords: Camiyani Black Pine, computer software, drying schedule.


In this study, computer aided drying schedules were developed for Camiyani Black Pine (Pinus nigra var. pallasiana) lumber for less than 30 mm thick, between 30-60 mm thick and larger than 60 mm.
Schedules were calculated on drying gradient basis. In this software (named KILNBRAIN), users can find more then one hundred other species’ data (density, fiber saturation point, temperatures for warming up and drying periods, drying gradients for moisture contents above and less than 20%). Users can choose lumber thickness, initial and final moisture content, kiln type, air velocity and drying quality. One of the advantages of KILNBRAIN is that the drying schedule can be operated manually
according to this data. Moreover, possible total drying duration can be predicted.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315