Length Research Paper The effects of the pine processionary moth on the increment of crimean pine trees in Bartin, Turkey

  • A Durkaya
  • B Durkaya
  • I Dal
Keywords: Pinus nigra Arn., Thaumetopoea pityocampa Den and schiff., increment loss.


The pine processionary moth (PPM), causing significant damage on pine stands in Turkey, affects mainly crimean pine stands within the Ulus vicinity. To determine the damage, 20 sample plots of second site class crimean pine stands were measured; 10 of which were taken as the control sample and 10 of which were damaged by PPM. In all, 289 trees in the damaged areas and 316 trees in the control areas were measured. Consequently, it was ascertained that there was a loss of 22% in diameter
increment, 29% at basal area increment, 43% in height, 24.5% at height increment, and 37.5% in volume increment of damaged trees based on their age (70 years) in comparison with the control trees.

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eISSN: 1684-5315