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contents of sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) type grown in Konya

IH Kalyoncu, N Ersoy, M Yilmaz


In this research, several physico-chemical properties and mineral contents of one earliest (May 19) sweet cherry type grown in Konya region were determined. The results in terms of chemical properties were total soluble solids, 18.33 mg/100 g; pH, 3.86; color, S41P50E41; texture, 0.25 kg/cm2; and juice yield, 66.28%. The evaluation of the total weighted rankit scores in terms of the fruit taste, aroma, adherence of pulp, appearance, bigness, preferable, yield, market preference were 7.33, 8.44, 7.44, 9.22, 8.44, 7.55, 8.22, 10.00 and 8.33, respectively. The results of physical properties were fruit mass, 2.76 g; flesh/seed ratio, length, 17.68 mm; width, 15.60 mm; thickness, 14.89 mm; sphericity, 90.46%; aspect ratio, 88.26%; and true density, 1024.63 kg/m3.

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