Growth performance and feed utilization of Tilapia zillii (Gervais, 1848) fed partial or total replacement of fish meal with poultry by-product meal

  • Ö Yildirim
  • A Türker
  • S Ergün
  • M Yigit
  • A Gülsahin
Keywords: Tilapia zillii, poultry by-product meal, growth performance, feed utilization, body composition.


The aim of this study was to investigate the growth performance, feed utilization and body composition of Tilapia zillii fed diets where poultry by-product meal replaced fish meal protein at 0, 50 and 100%
levels in high energy diets. This is the first research study conducted to evaluate poultry by-product as an alternative feed source for T. zillii. Experimental diets were prepared isonitrogenously and isocalorically (55% CP; 20.5 kJ GE g-1). Ninety fish (mean weight 2.45 ± 0.04 g) were cultured in glass aquariums containing brackish water (25°C average temperature and 11‰ salinity) for a period of 45 days. At the end of the trial, relative growth rate, specific growth ratio and daily dry protein intake in fish fed diet 1 (control) and 2 (50% poultry by-product meal inclusion) were similar and appeared significantly (p < 0.05) better than the fish fed diet 3 (100% poultry by-product meal inclusion). Feed
conversion ratio was significant different among diet 2 and diet 3 (p < 0.05). No differences were found among diets, in terms of fish whole body proximate composition. The results of this study show that T.
zilli can be cultured in brackish water with feeding a diet containing 50% poultry by-product meal without any adverse effect on growth performance of fish.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315