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Differentially expressed genes in the midgut of Silkworm infected with cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus

P Wu, M Li, X Wang, P Zhao, X Wang, T Liu, G Qin, X Guo


Understanding of the responsive and interactive mechanism between the host cells and Bombyx mori cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus (BmCPV) is crucial to the diagnosis of CPV-caused disease and the development of new control measures. In this report, we employed suppression subtractive hybridization to compare differentially expressed genes in the midguts of CPV-infected and normal silkworm larvae. 36 genes and 20 novel ESTs were obtained from 2 reciprocal subtractive libraries. Three up-regulated genes (ferritin, rpL11 and alkaline nuclease) and 3 down-regulated genes (serine protease, trypsin-like protease and inhibitor of apoptosis protein) were identified by quantitative real¬time PCR. The transcript differences of these 6 genes at 6, 12, 24, 48 and 72 h post-inoculation both in CPV-infected and normal midguts were compared. Our results indicated that ferritin and rpL11 were increased during the early stage (6-12h p.i.) of CPV infection, whereas alkaline nuclease was increased during the late stage (24-72h p.i.) of CPV infection. The expression of serine protease and trypsin-like protease is decreased at 24-72 h after CPV infection, while the expression of inhibitor of apoptosis protein is decreased throughout the infective stage. Our results provide new clues for investigating the molecular mechanism of BmCPV infection.

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