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Analysis of phytase producing bacteria (Pseudomonas sp.) from poultry faeces and optimization of this enzyme production

B Hosseinkhani
G Hosseinkhani


Phytase producing bacteria were isolated in media (phytase specific medium) with phytin and glucose as the only sources of phosphate carbon, from soil and poultry faeces. Among the five isolated strains,
one identified that Pseudomonas sp. has high phytas activities. The result showed that isolated Pseudomonas produced 23 mm clear zone on solid media and 800 U/ml in phytase specific broth medium. The enzyme is produced extracellularly in the late stage of exponential growth. The maximum production of phytase by this isolated was obtained after 72 h incubation at 28oC and 180 rpm shaking.
The best carbon and nitrogen sources for maximum phytase production were 1.5% glucose and 0.5% malt extract, respectively.

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eISSN: 1684-5315