Immunohistochemical prognostic indicators of lymphoma tumors

  • F Alsheyab
  • M Abbas
  • Y Mosameh
  • S Ali
Keywords: Immunohistochemisty, lymphoma tumors, p53, cyclin D1.


Lymphoma, or lymphatic cancer, is a broad term encompassing a variety of cancers of the lymphatic system. This prospective study was initiated to evaluate the expression of two potential biomarkers (p53
and Cyclin D1). Lymphoma tissues were obtained from 50 patients (Royal Medical Services 1990 - 1996), which were diagnosed as Hodgkin's and NonHodgkin's lymphoma. Specimens were reassessed by examining new sections; these sections were analyzed for p53 and Cyclin D1 levels by using
immunohisochemisty using formalin/paraffin embedded tissue. Results indicated that the percentages of cases exhibiting staining with p53 and Cyclin D1 were 44 and 72%, respectively. Over-expression of Cyclin D1 was near the range of reported antecedent studies, which confirm the potential oncogenic
activity for Cyclin D1 in lymphoma. The expression of Cyclin D1 in both lymphoma in the same level indicates that lymphomas follow similar pathways in Jordanian population.

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eISSN: 1684-5315