Phytochemical constituents and effects of aqueous root-bark extract of Ficus sycomorus L. (Moracaea) on muscular relaxation, anaesthetic and sleeping time on laboratory animals

  • SG Zaku
  • FA Abdulrahaman
  • PA Onyeyili
  • OC Aguzue
  • SA Thomas
Keywords: Muscle relaxation, local anaesthetic, sleeping time, tannins, alkaloids, steroid, flavonoids.


Aqueous extract of the leaves, stem-bark and root-bark of Ficus sycomorus were screened for chemical constituents and effects on muscle relaxation, local anaesthetic and sleeping time on 20 wister rats (138.7 - 143.9g ± 22.4 ) and one rabbit (1300 g ± 0.00). The extract contained tannins, alkaloids, reducing compounds, saponins, flavonoids, steroid, terpenoids and anthracenoside. The aqueous root bark extract induced 50% anaesthesia at 30 mg/ml on rabbit compared with xylocaine. The extract was also
tested on rats to see its effect on aminobarbitone sleeping time as it increased the period. The extract was observed to show muscle relaxation in rats. It promotes muscle relaxantion and increased aminobarbitone sleeping time in rats. Hence, F. sycomorus exhibits pharmacological activities.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315