Pattern of livelihood and household food security among rural dwellers: Case of women pastoralists in Oyo state of Nigeria

  • LO Ogunsumi
  • GE Ogbosuka
Keywords: Household, food, security, women pastoralists.


The study of the pattern of livelihood and household food security among rural dwellers case of women pastoralist was carried out in Oyo state, Nigeria. Data were obtained from 100 women. The women are
purposively sampled such that their husbands were pastoralists or that they are involved in pastoral farming. Structured and validated interview schedule was used to elicit necessary information through interviews. The data were analyzed with appropriate statistical tools. The majority of pastoral women was still young and was between the ages of 21 - 30 years. They therefore had strength to face the rigors and tasks involved in maintaining household food security. Also they were actively involved in
income generating activities such as sewing, weaving mats and trading apart from dairy work. These activities enabled the women pastoralists in Oyo state to function effectively in ensuring that their households were food secured. The respondents were engaged in livestock farming with varying numbers of different domestic animals including ducks, chicken and goats. About 59% kept ducks, 54% had chicken while 58% had goats. Majority of them (78%) processed daily products such as “wara”,
“nono” and butter. Over 90% of the respondents processed their products by boiling, while 69% used salt to process. They spent all the money realized to supplement family feeding by buying various food items needed for their families. The x2 showed that there was no significant difference between the marital status and numbers of wives, home structure and providing household food security. Based on the findings, it was recommended that storage facilities should be provided for the women pastoralists so as to curb wastage of their farm produce and other perishable commodities. They should also be given access to credit facilities so as to improve and increase the quantity and quality of their products.

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eISSN: 1684-5315