Pharmacognostic Investigation of Leaves of Mitracarpus vilosus (S.W.) D.C

  • IA Jegede
  • OF Kunle
  • JA Ibrahim
  • G Ugbabe
  • JI Okogun
Keywords: Mitracarpus vilosus, pharmacognostic standardization, leaf morphology, monograph


Pharmacognostic investigation on fresh, powdered and anatomical sections of leaf of Mitracarpus vilosus (S.W) D.C was carried out to determine its macromorphological, micromorphological and chemomicromorphological profiles. Qualitative and quantitative studies indicated presence of
amphicribal vascular bundle arrangement, characteristic asperites, cone-shaped clothing trichomes, simple leaf arrangement lanceolate shape, entire margin, cuneate base, parallel venation and opposite/decussate arrangement. Other features include presence of calcium oxalate crystals, lignin and oil globules with palisade ratio of 4 – 7 and stomatal number of 13.5. The relative similarities between the members of the Spermacoceae tribe, to which the plant belongs, coupled with lack of information towards monograph preparation on the plant necessitated this investigation. These findings will be useful towards establishing pharmacognostic standards on identification, purity, quality and classification of the plant which is gaining relevance in plant drug research.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315