Current applications of probiotic foods in Africa

  • MT Ukeyima
  • VN Enujiugha
  • TA Sanni
Keywords: Probiotics, functional foods, non dairy sources, safety assessment, African applications


Currently, there is a growing interest in the consumption of probiotic foods due to their reported health benefits. In developed countries, probiotics have been extensively studied and this has led to the production of a variety of probiotic foods especially with dairy milk. However, the use of beverages from plant materials as a potential carrier of probiotic microorganisms is receiving increasing attention. Various indigenous fermented foods containing probiotic bacteria have been part of local diet in Africa due to reported medicinal properties they possess. However, the usual challenge confronting the
commercialization of the probiotic beverage drinks in Africa is the safety assessment of probiotic strains due to lack of requisite facilities as well as technical manpower. This review therefore, captures local fermented drinks that are usually consumed as probiotic foods by Africans.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315