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A study on the extraction and purification technology of tea sapogenin

L Xiang
M Jian-zhong
X Jing
S Yun-dong


In order to extract and purify tea sapogenin, first the extraction liquid is obtained using mechanically pressed tea-seeds as raw material, which will be decreased by organic solvent. When the conditions like the methanol volume fraction is 75v/v, solid-liquid is 1:4 and the ultrasonic frequency is 25.8 Hz, extract them for 30 min. After this, collect the extraction liquid and slowly add in Hz-841 macroporous resin column, then elute it with 0.3% NaOH. The third step is to elute with ethanol of different concentrations after the coloring pigment is got rid of, and then detect it with thin layer chromatography (TLC). It is discovered that there is only tea sapogenin in the 35 – 95v/v ethanol elution liquid. The last step is to collect the 95% ethanol elution liquid and vacuum condense it; and then tea-Tea sapogenin with a purity of 96% can be obtained.

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eISSN: 1684-5315