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Expression of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus glycoprotein D in bacterial cell

H Momtaz
M Nazem


Bovine Herpesvirus 1 (BHV-1) belongs to the genus of Varicellovirus and the family of Herpesviridae which contains three main gB, gC and gD genes. In order to cloning of the coding region of gD gene of IBR virus , PCR product of the open reading frame of the gene from IBR virus isolated in Iran was amplified by PCR. A 1047bp PCR product of the gD gene with EcoRI, HindIII restriction sites were subcloned of pTZ57R/T and digested by the mentioned endonucleases. Digested insert cloned in to pET-32a and transfered in E.coli cells. For the expression of gD protein, the pET-32a recombinant vector was transformed and then induced in BL21 (DE3) strain of E.coli competent cells using IPTG. The presence of gD expressed protein was shown in immunoblotting and SDS-PAGE system. With respect to the remarkable frequency of infection to IBR in Iran and the necessity of controlling it through vaccination with recombinant vaccines of thymidine kinase, manufacturing and applying the recombinant gD protein are vital goals in recognition and distinction between infection and responses
caused by vaccine.