Isolation and characterization of developmentally regulated novel target site from embryonic chick heart

  • S Neha
  • SK Goswami
  • R Vibha
Keywords: Novel regulatory target sites, gene expression, promoter, transcription, gene specific transcription factors, bioinformatics, heart, development


Differential gene expression is the primary determinant of numerous biological processes such as cell differentiation, proliferation, organogenesis, tumor progression and apoptosis. In that context, regulatory proteins play pivotal roles and determine cell fate in all physiological conditions of differentiation, development and disease. As these regulatory proteins are present in extremely small amount in cells, their isolation and identification from tissues is impracticable. These regulatory proteins bind to the target sites (DNA elements) located in the promoter, enhancer and other regulatory
region of the genome. These target sites control the developmental expression of genes. In the present paper we have isolated and characterized one novel target site (GTGTT) which is developmentally expressed during chick heart development.

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eISSN: 1684-5315