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Chemical properties of 11 date cultivars and their corresponding fiber extracts

C Borchani
S Besbes
C Blecker
M Masmoudi
R Baati
H Attia


Date palm fruit from 11 Tunisian cultivars (Phoenix dactylifera L.) were analyzed for their main chemical composition. Results showed that date fruits were rich in sugar (79.93 - 88.02 g/100 g dry matter), fiber
(8.09 - 20.25 g/100 g dry matter) and ash (1.73 - 2.59 g/100 g dry matter). Mineral fraction was dominated by potassium and sugar fraction was dominated by reducing sugar (glucose, fructose) except for Deglet Nour, Kentichi and Bajo which are rich in sucrose. Date fiber concentrates (DFC) were extracted and analyzed for their proximate content (moisture, fiber, protein, lipid and ash) and some functional properties such as water holding capacity (WHC) and oil holding capacity (OHC). DFC presented high dietary fiber content (90.71 - 93.92 g/100g dry matter). Protein and lipid contents (dry matter basis) ranged between 3.66 and 6.06 g/100 g and between 0.35 and 1.08 g/100 g, respectively. DFC presented
high WHC (6.20 g water/g dry fiber) and high OHC (1.80 g oil/g dry fiber). Results showed that dates could be a valuable source of highly techno-functional fibers that could be used in food formulations.

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eISSN: 1684-5315