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The effects of nitrogen and phosphorus deficiencies and nitrite addition on the lipid content of Chlorella vulgaris (Chlorophyceae)

YB Mutlu, O Is&#231k, L Uslu, K Ko&#231, Y Durmaz


The effect of 50% N, 100% N, 50% N plus 50% P and 50% P deficiencies and nitrite addition were treated on Chlorella vulgaris (Chlorophyceae) was studied in laboratory conditions with the aim to determine the effects of the deficient nutrient and different nitrogen sources on lipid and protein contents. Protein
and lipid values of the biomass were found as 50.8 and 12.29% for the control group, 20.3 and 17.5% for 50% N(-), 13.01 and 35.6% for 100% N(-), 21.37 and 20.5% for 50% N(-) and 50% P(-), 38.16 and 16.7% for 50% P(-) and 41.03 and 13.04% for the nitrite group that was added. The highest lipid content was recorded with the culture to which 100% N(-) was treated with 0.18 g/L dry-weight.

Key words: Chlorella vulgaris, lipid, nitrogen and phosphorus deficiencies, nitrite.

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