Analysis of the major chemical compositions in Fuzhuan brick-tea and its effect on activities of pancreatic enzymes in vitro

  • YY Wu
  • L Ding
  • HL Xia
  • YY Tu
Keywords: Fuzhuan brick-tea, chemical composition, pancreatic enzyme, principal component analysis


Fuzhuan brick-tea, a fungal-fermented tea, is commonly consumed in northwest China; in places such as Sinkiang and Tibet and is thought to be helpful in digestion. To better understand Fuzhuan brick-tea and its function on digestion, the Fuzhuan brick-tea’s chemical compounds were surveyed at pivotal process phases, and its effects on pancreatic enzymes in vitro were studied. Most of the changes in amino acids, proteins, polyphenols, catechins and organic acids were found during fungal fermentation phase. All the infusions of Fuzhuan brick-tea samples had promotional effects on pancreatic amylase and protease and no effect on pancreatic lipase. Correlation analysis and principle component analysis between the main compounds of Fuzhuan brick-tea and the activities of two pancreatic enzymes were performed. The results showed that among ten significantly related compounds, the catechins and organic acids were particularly correlated with these two pancreatic enzymes’ activities. The present work confirmed the importance of microbial fermentation in the compositional changes of Fuzhuan brick-tea and its effects on two pancreatic enzymes in vitro, and suggested the possible application of microbial fermented tea such as Fuzhuan brick-tea in digestive aid.

Key words: Fuzhuan brick-tea, chemical composition, pancreatic enzyme, principal component analysis.


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eISSN: 1684-5315