Schwann cells promote neuronal differentiation of bone marrow stromal cells

  • XD Zhi
  • G Lv


Bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs), a type of multipotent stem cell, can differentiate into various types of cells. It has been suggested that the BMSCs have the capacity to differentiate into neurons under specific experimental conditions, using chemical factors. In this study, we showed that BMSCs can be induced to differentiate into neuron-like cells when they are co-cultured with Schwann cells by Brdu pulse label technology. It was found that a large scale of BMSCs showed a typical neuronal morphology and axon extended about 10 day after beginning of co-culture. These findings support the transdifferentiation of BMSCs, and the theoretical utility of these cells for the treatment of degenerative and acquired disorders of the nervous system and spinal cord injury.

Key word: Bone marrow stromal cells, Schwann cells, co-cultured, Brdu pulselabel, axon, differentitation.


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eISSN: 1684-5315