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Cloning and mRNA expression pattern analysis under low temperature stress of EAAP gene in Dongmu-70 rye

J Gao, J Wang, Z Hou, J Zhang, S Liu


This research cloned endochitinase-antifreeze protein precursor (EAPP) gene of Dong-mu 70 rye (Secale cereale) by designing special primers according to Genbank’s EAPP gene sequence, and analyzing the influence of low temperature stress on the expression of mRNA with RT-PCR. The results indicated that the EAPP’s full length coding of Dong-mu-70 rye was 1085 bp, while the homology of its amino acid and that of Hordeum vulgare and Triticum aestivum was much higher (95 and 91%, respectively). The mRNA of the EAPP gene in Dong-mu 70 rye was expressed in roots under normal temperature, and was most active in the leaves. When stressed at a low temperature of 4°C, remarkable improvements were shown in mRNA expression in the root and stems, and the maximum expression appeared 24 h after treatment and decreased afterwards.

Key words: Dongmu-70 rye (Secale cereale), endochitinase-antifreeze protein precursor (EAPP) gene, low temperature, expression pattern of mRNA.

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