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Effect of vitamin C on salivary superoxide dismutase activity in smokers

B Sedighe
B Maryam
A Fahimeh
A Somayyeh
T Bigom


This study was performed to elucidate the effect of ascorbic acid on salivary superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity in smokers. In this single blind, cross over clinical trial, whole unstimulated saliva of 30 smokers, who were randomly divided into two groups, was collected. In the first phase, patients of one group took 500 mg of vitamin C powder, for 3 weeks. Then saliva of all patients was collected. After a one- week wash-out period, vitamin C was given to the other group. Collection of saliva was done after 3 weeks. SOD activity was measured. Statistic evaluation was performed by Repeated Measured ANOVA, Independent sample T test and Paired T test. Variability of SOD activity without using vitamin C and after its use was not significant (p=0.639).The effect of vitamin C in saliva is not through enzymatic mechanisms. Oxidative stress from cigarette smoke may be decreased by other mechanisms.

Key words: Superoxide dismutase, ascorbic acid, smoking, antioxidant.

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eISSN: 1684-5315