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Effectiveness of carnosine on disturbed electrolytes homeostasis induced by cisplatin

S Noori
T Mahboob


We aimed to assess the effect of well known antioxidant carnosine on disturbed plasma and intraerythrocytes electrolytes and Na+-K+-ATPase activity by cisplatin. 24 male albino Wistar rats were selected and divided into 4 groups: Group I = untreated control; Group II = cisplatin control (received cisplatin at a dose of 3 mg/ kg body weight; i.p. for 13 alternate days); Group III = carnosine alone (treated group at a dose of 10 mg/kg body weight; i.p. for 13 consecutive days); Group IV = carnosine + cisplatin pretreated group. Carnosine was administered 30 min prior to cisplatin. Carnosine significantly restored the intra – erythrocytes Na+, K+ and Na+-K+-ATPase level which consequently affect the plasma Na+, Ca++, and Mg++ level. Effective role conferred by carnosine exhibits its protective activity.

Key words: Cisplatin, carnosine, electrolytes, Na+-K+-ATPase.

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eISSN: 1684-5315