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Analysis of genetic diversity in Arrhenatherum elatius Germplasm using inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers

L Meng, HX Yang, PC Mao, HW Gao, FD Sun


The genetic diversity of 19 Arrhenatherum elatius accessions was analyzed using 100 inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) primers, out of which 11 generated distinct amplification products. Out of the 152 total bands detected, 107 were polymorphic. The percentage of polymorphic bands (PPB) was 68.9% with an average of 9.73 polymorphic bands per primer. The ISSR-based genetic similarity (GS) coefficients among the 19 accessions ranged from 0.4821 to 0.7411, revealing high genetic diversity. Based on the UPGMA cluster analysis and the principal components analysis (PCA), the 19 A. elatius accessions were divided into three groups with similar situations. We found that the genetic distance was related to the geographical distance among the 19 A. elatius accessions studied. These results confirm the potential value of genetic diversity preservation for future breeding programs.

Key words: Arrhenatherum elatius, genetic diversity, inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers.

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