Identification of leaf rust resistant gene Lr10 in Pakistani wheat germplasm

  • W Hussain
  • I Inamullah
  • H Ahmad
  • MS Iqbal
  • FM Abbassi
  • R Rabnawaz
  • W Ahmad
  • L Liaqat
  • S Hussain
Keywords: Wheat, leaf rust, Lr10, molecular markers


Leaf (brown) rust is the major disease of wheat in Pakistan and other countries. The disease is more effectively controlled when several rust resistance genes are pyramided into a single line. Molecular survey was conducted to screen 25 Pakistan wheat germplasm for the presence of leaf rust resistance gene Lr10 using specific STS primer. The survey revealed that out of the 25 germplasm/lines grown in Hazara University Botanic garden, 18 genotypes were observed with Lr10 gene, while seven genotypes did not show the presence of Lr10 gene. The identification of Lr10 in Pakistan wheat germplasm will help in accelerating the breeding program in future, including the pyramiding of different resistant genes in wheat varieties.

Key words: Wheat, leaf rust, Lr10, molecular markers.


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eISSN: 1684-5315