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CatSper ion channels: Bioinformatics analysis in <i>Homo sapiens</i>

S Kanwal
H Iqbal
A Parveen
JZ Khattak
A Mir


Due to the availability of huge amount of molecular biology data, our main focus was to determine the protein structures, functions and their role in different molecular pathways. The 3-D structure prediction of protein is important in medicine and biotechnology. Molecular docking not only finds the interaction between proteins but also the accurate models of energy of these interacting proteins and helps in further designing of the better drug for that particular protein. The drug targeting is either to inhibit, restore or for the modification of the protein structure. CatSper protein family is calcium ion permeable channels, located in the plasma membrane of sperm tail. It contains a conserved domain of six transmembrane helices in their protein sequence. These four CatSper proteins (1 to 4) assemble and form tetramer, calcium selective channel. It has been found that all members of CatSper protein family (1-4) have a role in hyperactivation in sperm and fertilization processes. As a result of deletion of certain regions (bps) containing these genes along with some other genes, male infertility occurs. We have predicted and analyzed the 3D structures of all members of CatSper protein family in this article. Docking of predicted 3D structures of CatSper protein family, with calcium ion was also performed to verify their interactions.

Key words: CatSper, bioinformatics analysis, infertility, cation channel.

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eISSN: 1684-5315