Nitrogen remobilization in wheat as influenced by nitrogen application and post-anthesis water deficit during grain filling

  • A Bahrani
  • HHS Abad
  • A Aynehband
Keywords: Nitrogen harvest index, nitrogen loss, grain protein, nitrogen use efficiency.


Pre-anthesis stored nitrogen in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) is important because grain filling greatly depends on the remobilization of pre-anthesis nitrogen under Mediterranean growth conditions. This field study was conducted to assess the effect of post-anthesis water deficit and three N fertilizer levels on N remobilization and N losses in three wheat cultivars (‘Shiraz’, ‘Marvdasht’ and ‘Chamran’). Nitrogen remobilization in plant parts decreased to 29 to 58% under water deficit compared with the well watered (WW) treatment. Grain N was 40% higher under post-anthesis water deficit than the WW treatment and with the addition of 160 kg N ha-1. The application of nitrogen fertilizer increased N remobilization to 78%. ‘Shiraz’ remobilized 13 and 25% more nitrogen than ‘Marvdasht’ and ‘Chamran’, respectively. Under water deficit, N remobilization efficiency increased by 13%. Leaves were more efficient than stem and spike in N remobilization efficiency either in the WW or the WD treatment. The application of fertilizer N generally lowered whole plant remobilization efficiency. The N remobilization efficiency of ‘Chamran’ increased when the soil moisture and/or N were limited during the grain filling period. Grain N concentration was correlated positively with N concentration or N content of vegetative parts at anthesis. In addition to nitrogen fertilizer, WD during grain filling reduced nitrogen use efficiency by 30 and 25%, respectively. In the WW treatment, 25% of the N at anthesis was lost at maturity. In contrast, under WD only 6% of the N was lost. High amount of N led to N losses at maturity. Significant negative correlations were found between grain yield and grain protein concentration in the three wheat cultivars. Results indicate that the greater the amount of N accumulated before anthesis, the higher the translocation rates of nitrogen to grain and the greater the risk of net N losses at maturity.

Key words: Nitrogen harvest index, nitrogen loss, grain protein, nitrogen use efficiency.


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eISSN: 1684-5315