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Seedling characters at different temperatures in pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.)

L Radhouane


The effect of six temperatures ranging from 20 to 45°C on the germination and seedling length of six grain pearl millet genotypes (KS, AM, HG, EC, ZZ and D) was determined. There was significant variation in germination and seedling length across temperatures and among genotypes. As a result, significant temperature × genotype interactions occurred. Emergence problems, due to poor germination and inadequate seedling length, were likely found in certain genotypes at high and low seed temperature. The optimum temperature for coleoptile and radicle elongation was 30°C.

Key words: Germination, pearl millet, temperature, seedling length, root length, genotype, coleoptile, Tunisia.

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