Polymorphic microsatellite markers for genetic studies of African antelope species

  • EM Eblate
  • KJ Lughano
  • CD Sebastian
  • ML Peter
  • RH Knut
Keywords: Antelopes, genetic study, microsatellites, Tanzania.


Many wild animal species lack informative genetic markers for analysing genetic variation and structure, which is essential for effective long term conservation and management. We present heterologous microsatellite markers in six Tanzanian antelope species including: grant’s gazelle, hartebeest, eland, roan, impala and topi. Thirty eight primer pairs from cattle, sheep, goat and wildebeest were tested. Thirty three revealed polymorphisms in one or more of the six antelope species. Six were polymorphic across all tested species, providing evidence for high genetic variability across species. These sets of microsatellites are of particular usage in population genetic analyses of antelope species.

Key words: Antelopes, genetic study, microsatellites, Tanzania.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315