Average stem biomass of Gundelia (Gundelia tournefortii L.) in Shanjan Rangelands, East Azerbaijan, Iran

  • GH Bibalani
  • H Shadkami-Til
Keywords: Gundelia tournefortii L., Iran, rangeland, stem biomass.


The stem of plants can be used for animal grazing, wind erosion control, reduction of water flow, increase of evaporation and transpiration. In NW of Iran (East Azerbaijan Province), rangelands were utilized for animal grazing, but were later changed to agricultural land. Moreover, this vegetation has unsuitable vegetation coverage. We studied Gundelia tournefortii L. to determine its stem biomass characteristics. Data were collected with accidental sampling method (1*1 m) in this area. A total of 15 plots were collected and 75 samples were studied in this study. However, the minimum, maximum and mean stem biomass of this plant was 5.5, 22.6 and 10.5 g, respectively.

Key word: Gundelia tournefortii L., Iran, rangeland, stem biomass.


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eISSN: 1684-5315