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Curculionoidea (Coleoptera) from southern Turkey

SS Avgın, E Colonnelli


A checklist of Curculionoidea is given from southern Turkey (Adana, Osmaniye and Hatay provinces). The known localities and ecological notes on each of them were reported based on literature records and on recently collected material. Lixus farinifer Reitter is newly recorded from Turkey, and 35 species (2 Rhynchitidae, 5 Apionidae and 28 Curculionidae) was indicated for the first time from the investigated area of southern Turkey; although, the synonymy Oedecnemidius varius (= Phyllerastes pictus Steven, nomen nudum; = Phyllobius pictus syn. em.) is rectified. It was also pointed out that the name Periteloneus schilsky Reitter 1913 is a nomen nudum.

Key words: Curculionoidea, synonymy, southern Turkey, faunistic, Adana, Osmaniye, Hatay, provinces.
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