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Preventive effect of polydatin against thrombosis: and its mechanism

P Chen, Y Yun, B He, S Ma, Z Shen


This study aimed to investigate the effect of polydatin against thrombosis and its possible mechanisms. The methods of injection of arachidonic acid into mouse tail vein electrically stimulated carotid thrombosis in rats, and the rats’ inferior vena ligation were used to evaluate the antithrombotic effects of polydatin. Platelet aggregation was tested by use of Born’s method, and platelet cytosolic calcium was determined by use of Fura-2/AM. Thromboxane B2 and 6-keto-prostaglandin F level was monitored by the immuno-assay, while Rosette assay and Born’s method were used to observe plateletneutrophil interactions. The results show that polydatin had evident antithrombotic effects in the multiple-thrombosis models; the mechanisms may be closely related to its anti-platelet aggregation, which results in decrease of platelet cytosolic calcium and plasma thromboxane B2, while increasing plasma 6-keto-prostaglandin F Level and suppressing of platelet-neutrophil interactions.

Key words: Polydatin, thromboxane A2, prostacyclin, platelet, neutrophil, cytosolic calcium.
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