A screening method for detecting simple sequence repeat (SSR) polymorphism of Zea mays using highresolution melting-curve analysis

  • RH Yu
  • XH Shan
  • S Wang
  • XH Li
  • Y Jiang
  • H Tan
  • YD Li
Keywords: High-resolution melting-curve, SSR, Zea mays.


As a very important molecular marker technique, simple sequence repeat (SSR) is widely used in marker assistant selection and maize DNA fingerprint. High-resolution melting-curve (HRM) analysis is a new technique to detect the sequence differences in polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplicons, which is quicker, more accurate and effective than electrophoresis analysis. In this study, we developed a HRM system to detect SSR polymorphism of Zea mays. We successfully used this method to identify genotypes of F2 generation and detecting the SSR polymorphism in different maize inbred lines, therefore, this HRM-SSR system can be used to substitute the electrophoresis after SSR PCR amplification.

Key words: High-resolution melting-curve, SSR, Zea mays.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315