A study of the influence of different rootstocks on the vegetative growth of almond cultivars

  • T Parvaneh
  • H Afshari
  • A Ebadi
Keywords: Almond rootstocks, scion cultivar, vegetative growth, nutrient absorption.


This study investigated different seed rootstocks (bitter almond, peach seedling and sweet almond seedling), the reactions of these rootstocks with three different almond cultivars (Shahrood cultivars of 15, 12 and 18) and their effect on vegetative growth as well as the effect of the rootstocks on nutrient absorption. The used research design was a split plot in the form of complete randomized block design in three replicates in which the original factor of scion cultivar and sub factor of rootstock type was applied. Features measured during the design included: plant height, trunk diameter, extension width and effect of rootstock on the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The obtained results indicate that vegetative growth with rootstock of bitter almond, which is mostly used, was less than the other tested rootstocks in the early years and peach rootstock had more vegetative growth. Also, rootstock had a meaningful impact on nutrient absorption so that the greatest amount of nitrogen absorption was obtained by the peach rootstock and the highest amount of potassium absorption was achieved by sweet almond rootstock.

Key words: Almond rootstocks, scion cultivar, vegetative growth, nutrient absorption.


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eISSN: 1684-5315