Analysis of chloroplast ribosomal subunit S16 (rpS16) intron sequences in Morus (Urticales: Moraceae)

  • W Yuhua
  • W Wei
  • T Wei
  • Z Weiguo
Keywords: Mulberry, Phylogeny, rps 16.


In this study, the chloroplast rps16 sequence variation of Morus was examined. Sequence data were obtained from 18 mulberry individuals belonging to 13 species and three varieties, and two accessions of Broussonetia papyrifera and Ficus carica of the related Moraceae, designed as outgroup were analyzed. The nucleotide diversity (0.016±0.006) covered 113 polymorphic sites of which 22 were parsimony informative. A total of 20 haplotypes were identified, producing a high overall haplotypic diversity (1.00±0.02). Inferred phylogenetic relationship using the neighbor-joining method indicated genus Morus was a monophyletic and phylogenetic relationship among 18 mulberry materials was further determined. The result from cluster analysis indicates that they are basically consistent with the morphological classification.

Keywords: Mulberry, Phylogeny, rps 16.


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eISSN: 1684-5315