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A genetic male sterile line developed by molecular marker-assisted selection in Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa ssp. pekinensis)

F Hui, Y Ning, L Zhiyong, WW Hao


A multiple allele inherited genetic male sterile line of Chinese cabbage 06s x 110 was used as the source of male sterility, and methods of crossing, backcrossing and selfing were applied to breed the male sterility to male fertile line of Chinese cabbage Y02. The SCAR marker syau-scr04 which linked to the male sterility gene Ms, was applied in the selection of Ms gene. The new male sterile line GMS4 with similar botanical traits to Y02 with 100% male sterility and 100% male sterile plants, was bred successfully. The accuracy of marker syau-scr04 in determining the plant genotype was 100%. The results indicate that the marker could be applied in the marker-assisted selection of the genetic male sterile line in Brassica crops in B.campestris (AA, n = 10).

Key words: Chinese cabbage, marker-assisted selection (MAS), genetic male sterile line, breeding.
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