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The effect of municipal compost application on the amount of micro elements and their absorption in soil and medicinal plant of mint (Menthas)

ZA Abadi, MG Sepanlou, MA Bahmanyar


The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of municipal compost (MC) application on micro elements concentration in soil and tissues of medicinal plant of mint. This study was carried out in a split plot based on complete randomized block design in three replications in the field of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources of Sari, Iran. The main plot was of six fertilizer levels (T1 = control, T2 = chemical fertilizer according to soil test, T3 = 20 ton/ha compost + 1/2 treatments of T2, T4 = 20 ton/ha compost, T5 = 40 ton/ha compost + 1/2 treatments T2 and T6 = 40 ton/ha compost) and the sub plot was applied as follows: one year, two non-consecutive years, two consecutive years, three nonconsecutive years, three consecutive years and four consecutive years. The results show that the fertilizer treatments and the years of application had significant effects on the concentration of micro elements in medicinal plant of mint and also in soils. The compound effect of fertilizer treatments and years of application were significant on the concentration of Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu, whereas it was not significant on the concentration of Mn in the plant root and also on the concentration of Cu, Fe and Zn in the plant leaves.

Key words: Mint, municipal compost, micro elements
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