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The location of manure accumulated in cattle livestock barns and its interaction with the environment

A Atilgan
H Oz
K Buyuktas


Manure, which is accumulated in cattle livestock barns, is regarded as serious waste if it is not stored properly. In order to avoid such problems, the manure should be stored in a closed and leak-proof environment. This study was conducted via the use of a questionnaire in Izmir, Odemis, Turkey. A stratified random sampling method was used in order to determine the number of enterprises associated with the questionnaire. The study was conducted by calculating the number of enterprises to be administered questionnaires at 95% confidence interval and 5% error. The purpose of this study was to determine the environmental situation of the accumulated manure in cattle barns. A trial was made to determine the manure storage periods, the distance to the other enterprises and settlements, and the distances of any water sources such as: lakes, rivers, creeks, irrigation canals, drainage channels, etc., in animal barns and then they were compared with the standard distances for project criteria. When compared to the standard distances for project criteria, it was observed that the obtained values were not suitable, and it was concluded that the degree of pollution increased with the increase in the storage time of the accumulated manure in open areas without any measure.

Key words: Barn, environment, manure, pollution, water resources.