Effect of wheat cultivars on aphids and their predator populations

  • AA Khan
  • AM Khan
  • HM Tahir
  • M Afzal
  • A Khaliq
  • SY Khan
  • I Raza
Keywords: Aphids, wheat, coccinellids, wheat cultivars.


The current study was conducted to determine the influence of wheat cultivars on aphids and their coccinellid predator populations. Five cultivars of wheat (99T007, BK-2002, TW0135, INQLAB and CHAKWAL-97) were sown at Arid Zone Research Institute, Bhakkar during 2006. The INQLAB-91 appeared to be the most resistant cultivar, whereas 99T007 appeared to be the most susceptible one for aphid infestations. The 4th week of February was found to be very favourable for aphids in wheat fields in the study area. The highest and lowest populations of coccinellid predators (all species) were recorded on TW0135 and 99T007 cultivars, respectively. The highest population of coccinellid predators was recorded during the 3rd week of February. We observed a significant synchronization between aphids and coccinellids populations. It is concluded from the study that as INQLAB-91 is resistant to the attack of aphid’s population, this cultivar should be promoted in the areas of high aphid infestation. The populations of coccinellids follow the aphid’s population and coccinellids can be important biological control agents of aphids and can be imported tool for IPM programme in the study area.

Key words: Aphids, wheat, coccinellids, wheat cultivars.