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Seed oil content and fatty acid composition of annual halophyte Suaeda acuminata: A comparative study on dimorphic seeds

L Wang, K Zhang, W Huang, W Han, CY Tian


Suaeda acuminata produces two morphologically distinct types of seeds on the same plant. This study was conducted to compare oil content and fatty acid composition of the two seed morphs. Though oil characteristics between dimorphic seeds showed statistically significant difference, these differences were relatively small. The seed oil content of this species ranged from 14.3 to 15.5% by dry weight. Both seed morphs contain ca. 90% unsaturated fatty acids, with linoleic (>65%) and oleic acid (>14%) being the most abundant. The results show that oil reserve of S. acuminata seeds depends mainly on seed weight rather than seed morphology.

Key words: Suaeda acuminata, fatty acid, linoleic, seed oil.
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