Vegetation characteristics and water purification by artificial floating island

  • K Yao
  • S Song
  • Z Zhang
  • J Xu
  • R Zhang
  • J Liu
  • L Cheng
  • J Liu
Keywords: Artificial island, emergent plant, removal efficiency.


Wetland restoration is commonly presented as an important strategy for maintaining and enhancing water quality and ecosystem capital. Artificial floating island (AFI) with  softstem bulrush (Scirpus validus Vahl), spiked loosestrlfe (Lythrum salicaria Linn.), yellow-flowered iris (Iris wilsonii) and dwarf cattail (Typha minima) were monitored on an experimental scale from June to July 2011. The objectives were to identify major types of AFI based on plants, and to evaluate chemical and vegetative characteristics of each type. The result shows that AFI with plants had a strong capacity for the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus. In particular, softstem bulrush (S. validus Vahl) and spiked loosestrlfe (L. salicaria Linn.) were excellent aquatic plants in Beijing wetland restoration.

Key words: Artificial island, emergent plant, removal efficiency.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315