Levels of inflammatory markers (complement C3, Complement C4 and C-reactive protein) in smokers

  • M Sanai
  • N Hussain
Keywords: Smokers, C-reactive protein, body mass index, complement.


The study aimed to discover the relative significance of selected inflammatory markers in smokers. Serum levels of complement C3, C4 and C-reactive protein were determined in 24 male smokers (18 to 73 years). A group of 24 healthy non-smokers was taken as control. C3 and C4 were measured by using radial immunodiffusion technique and CRP was determined by latex agglutination technique. The statistical analysis was done using Student’s t-test and Fisher exact test which were used for the comparison of the characteristics of the groups. C3 and C4 were observed to be 33.84 and 45.28% higher in smokers, respectively, but statistically insignificant as (p = 0.122) and (p = 0.078). No significant difference was observed in the case of C-reactive protein levels and the body mass index of smokers and non-smokers (CRP: p = 0.49 and BMI: p = 0.64). These findings repudiated the presence of an acute phase and inflammatory reaction in smokers.

Key words: Smokers, C-reactive protein, body mass index, complement.


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eISSN: 1684-5315