Nursery growing of some apple varieties using different grafting methods in greenhouse and orchard

  • OF Karamürsel
  • IH Kalyoncu
Keywords: Apple, varieties, rootstock, grafting, sapling, greenhouse.


This study was carried out at the Eğirdir Horticultural Research Institute, between the years 2006 and 2007. The aim of this study was to investigate the advantages of apple nursery growing greenhouse rather than outdoor medium. Scions of Red Chief (dwarf), Braeburn (semi dwarf) and Mondial Gala (vigorous) apple varieties were grafted by the bench grafting and chip budding techniques on MM106 and M9 apple rootstocks. In result to evaluation of all factors, it was found that the percentage of graft survival was between 82% (greenhouse) and 69% (outdoor), sapling height 84.86 (outdoor) -146 cm (greenhouse), shoot diameter 6.84 (outdoor) -10.71 mm (greenhouse). Sapling development grafted on MM 106 apple rootstock more than M9 apple rootstocks in greenhouse and outdoor medium. On the other hand, development of Mondial Gala apple varieties was higher than Breaburn and Red Chief varieties in every medium. As graft techniques graft, survival ratio in bench graft were 82% and this ratio 64% in chip budding. In addition to sapling height, shoot diameter and shoot height was not significant. In outdoors, it could not produce branching in saplings and first quality, but in greenhouse conditions differences were been determinated according to rootstocks and varieties.

Key words: Apple, varieties, rootstock, grafting, sapling, greenhouse.


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eISSN: 1684-5315