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Applications and development trends in biopesticides

P Leng
Z Zhang
G Pan
M Zhao


Biopesticides are very effective in the agricultural pest control without causing serious harm to ecological chain or worsening environmental pollution. The research and development of practical applications in the field of biopesticides greatly mitigate environmental pollution caused by chemical pesticide residues and promotes sustainable development of agriculture. Since the advent of biopesticides, a large number of products have been released, several of which have already played dominant roles in the market. The development of biopesticides stimulates modernization of agriculture and will, without doubt, gradually replace chemical pesticides. Many biopesticides are ideal substitutes for their traditional chemical counterparts in pollution-free agricultural production, but some of them display certain toxicity; this should be taken into consideration by the researchers in the field. In this paper, we discuss the current development and application of biopesticides from various categories, the problems occurring in the process of their development and proposing the introduction of various constraints. We review various studies and analyze the development trends in biopesticides in agriculture, demand, market and other fields.

Key words: Biopesticides, application status, constraint, development trends.

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eISSN: 1684-5315