Peroxidase isozyme profiles in some sweet cherry rootstocks and ‘0900 Ziraat’ cherry variety

  • SF Güçlü
  • F Koyuncu
Keywords: Graft compatibility, peroxidase, cherry, PAGE.


This study was carried out on one- year old trees of ‘0900 Ziraat’ variety grafted onto Kuş kirazı, Kara idris, Sarı idris, MaxMa 14, MaxMa 60 and Gisela 5 in order to determine their compatibility. For this purpose, peroxidase isoenzyme bands were determined with polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE). Saplings were grafted at the beginning of September with ‘T’ budding. Bark samples were taken before and 12 months after the grafting. Barks were removed by using a razor blade 4 cm above and below the graft union and graft zone. Analysis of profiles revealed isoperoxidases bands Rf = 0.39 band A and Rf =0.42 band B that were both on scion and rootstocks. Peroxidase profiles are found similar in scion and rootstocks.

Key words: Graft compatibility, peroxidase, cherry, PAGE.


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eISSN: 1684-5315