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Trypanosomiasis in a migrating herd of cattle in Kaduna State Nigeria

M.K. Haruna
A.U. Malala
B Wayo
U.O. Adamu
H.M. Sumayin
F.T. Shettima
J.O. Kalejaiye


The aim of this study is to evaluate the prevalence and impact of Trypanosomiasis on a herd of migrating/pastoral cattle. A herd of 50 white Fulani cattle migrating from a suburban area of Abuja to Afaka in Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Northern Nigeria, were examined and screened for Trypanosomiasis on request. The animals showed clinical symptoms of lacrimation, emaciation, depression, lethargy and enlarged superficial lymphnodes which were reportedly not present before the trek. 40 of the animals were screened by parasitological means (hematocrit, buffy coat methods and thin and thick blood smears). 15 out of the 40 animals sampled were positive for trypanosomes (37.5% prevalence). Trypanosoma congolense was the only Trypanosoma species identified. Trypanosomiasis was observed in the herd examined and laboratory examination corroborated the observed clinical signs. The results, as well as the role of migration and transhumance pastoralism in disease occurrence are discussed.

Keywords: Trypanosomiasis, trypanosomes, cattle, Fulani, migration, Nigeria

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eISSN: 1595-689X