The bacteria profiles of wounds in diabetic patients hospitalized in northern Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

  • W. Mthembu
  • D Penduka
  • R Mosa
  • B Shoba
  • A Zobolo
  • A Opoku
Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, wounds, bacteria, infection


Diabetic wound infections still remain a health concern such that correct identification of bacteria is essential in monitoring the spread of the infections as well as in the administration of the correct treatment. This study therefore focuses on isolating and identifying bacteria present in diabetic wounds of hospitalized patients in northern KwaZulu-Natal and assessing their distribution.The wound specimen were collected and swabbed onto selective and differential media. The bacteria identities were presumptively ascertained through biochemical characterization (Gram-stain, catalase test, oxidase test and API) and then confirmed through 16S rDNA sequencing.A total of 42 isolates were recovered from 83% of the patients sampled from the three participating hospitals (X, Y, and Z). Gram-negative bacilli from Enterobacteriaceaewere predominant followed by Staphylococci spp and Enterococcus faecaliswith 43% polymicrobial cases from hospital Z and 29% from hospital X. Distribution of some opportunistic pathogens and nosocomially-acquired pathogens were also observed across the patients with five bacterial identities distributed among hospital X and Z. The adverse effects associated with the recovered bacteria in diabetic wounds pose a serious health concern and preventive measure should be taken.

Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, wounds, bacteria, infection


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eISSN: 1595-689X