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Attitude Of Staff Towards Retiment Life In A Tertiary Institution In Nigeria

AM Gesinde


The descriptive survey study was carried out to investigate the attitude of the staff of the Federal college of Education (Special), Oyo, Oyo State, Nigeria towards retirement. Two hundred and fifteen senior academic and non-academic staff selected through purposive sampling technique participated in the study. They were made of 14 9 (69.30%) males and 66 (30.70%) females. A research instrument titled ‘Questionnaire on Attitude towards Retirement' developed by the researcher with a Spearman rank correlation coefficient was used to gather data. Descriptive statistics of frequency count, mean and standard deviation and t-test statistic were used to analyze the data. Findings indicated that the participants had positive attitude towards retirement at
X = 2.50 though at diverse mean level. Further data analysis showed that there was a significant difference on gender basis (t = 24.50: > t obs = 1.06 at ∂ = 0.05 level of significance). Consequently, the study recommended among others the introduction of pre and post retirement counselling in counsellors' training programmes as well as employment of counselors in public and private organizations to cater for pre and post retirement needs of the employees.

African Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology and Sport Facilitation Vol. 10 2008: pp. 182-192

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eISSN: 1119-7056