Examining the potential of Conditional Cash Transfer for stemming Cape Flats Gang violence: A Directional Policy research project

  • Joseph Olusegun Adebayo
  • Blessing Makwambeni
Keywords: Cash transfer, gangs, gang violence, poverty, social cohesion, social protection


Many low and middle-income countries have either implemented or considered conditional or unconditional cash transfers to poor households as a means of alleviating poverty. Evidence from pilot schemes in many developed and developing economies, including those in Africa, suggests that cash transfers do not only alleviate poverty; they also promote social cohesion and reduce the propensity for violent responses. For example, studies have shown a direct impact of cash transfers on Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). In some studies, the rate of IPV (including emotional violence) was significantly reduced when one of the partners was a beneficiary of cash transfer. However, there are limited studies on the potential of Conditional Cash Transfers (CCTs) for stemming gang violence. Our study contributes to filling this gap. We examine here the possibilities of conditional cash transfers for stemming intractable gang-related violence in the Cape Flats.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1562-6997