HIV prevention among drug and alcohol users: models of intervention in Kenya

  • CS Deveau


The spread of HIV among drug and alcohol users, as a high-risk group, is a significant problem in Africa, as in other parts of the world. Few programs have been implemented in Africa to deal specifically with this issue. Since November 2006, the AED Capable Partners Program in Kenya project has provided technical direction to eight Kenyan NGOs to design and implement programs to reduce the spread of HIV among this population. Programs were developed utilizing conventional outreach models modified for application in Kenya and various other community-based interventions geared to reduce HIV among substance abusers. In addition to outreach, programs also provide components of recovery services, VCT and general HIV education in varying degrees. The effectiveness of these programs is reviewed in this paper along with the need to develop advanced technical skills of NGOs to deliver more effective services. KEY WORDS: Alcohol, drug, community outreach, HIV and AIDS, Kenya

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eISSN: 1531-4065
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